Ankle, Swollen, Sprained


A male 83 years old broke his ankle. His surgeon placed four nails in his ankle to secure the bone structures. After one year physical therapy the patient still had excruciating pains, and his ankle was completely swollen. The skin even had discoloration purple color. The pain was so severe that he couldn't even walk with a walker. He went back to see his surgeon for the root cause. According to his surgeon, the X-ray showed that everything was in place, and there was little that could be done about the conditions.

After his friend referred him to Dr. Ping, the swell in his ankle went down after each treatment in the first month! A few more weeks later, he could walk without a walker, and pains and swells were completely gone. His skin color also returned to normal. Three years later and he came in Dr. Ping’s office walking like a normal person, Dr. Ping could not tell which ankle was the one had problem without looking the scars. Patient has been doing exercise, walking on treadmill every day. 


Joe, a male 48 years old loves the outdoors activities. He loves playing baseball, but accidentally sprained his ankle seven days before his Marathon Race in Europe. His ankle conditions were severe, and it discolored black and blue. He has had wonderful results from Dr. Ping's treatments before for other conditions, so he came to see Dr. Ping, hoping she could perform another miracle. 

Two acupuncture treatments later, the swollen conditions and pains were completely gone. Joe was thrilled that he could run the Race in time and had a very good run!